Who we are

HackaSoton is a tech-entrepreneurial society based at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. The society has one longstanding goal: to bridge the gap between those with technical skills and those without, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and skills. We do this through our Hackathonstyle events which we run over the course of the year, as well as regular hack spaces, talks and tutorials.

What we do

We run two major Hackathons each year, offering exposure to the most passionate developers and engineers the UK has to offer.

We also run multiple HackSpace events each month designed to attract the most eager and talented developers in Southampton. These HackSpace events, are essentially a “Year Long Hackathon”.

Students can join us at the HackSpace events at any point in the academic year, and start a project. They can join as a team, or find others to help them there. Unlike a Hackathon, there is no time restriction. The project is over, when the team says so. At the end of each semester, teams will show what they’ve been up to!